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Licensing agreements and franchising

The License Agreement is the contract concluded between two parties whereby one - holder - undertakes to give the other - the beneficiary - the right to use a trademark, a patent or design/model, for a price, under certain terms and for a specified period.

Franchising is the operation that takes the form of a contract by which a person called the franchisor grants to another person, named beneficiary or franchisee, the right to exploit a package of industrial property rights or intellectual property in order to produce or to market certain types of products and/or services. Getting a franchise involves paying an entrance fee in the system and certain annual fees, usually as a percentage from the turnover.

Our team cooperates with national corporations, multinationals and non-profit legal persons in intellectual property transactions, including services regarding granting of licenses, development, distribution in various industries, pharmaceuticals, software, editing and consumer goods.

In this regard, we are drafting operating agreements, license agreements and contracts regarding the transfer of rights deriving from trademarks, we help our clients to register designs and we offer full service regarding the registration of the transfer of rights.