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Unfair Competition

Unfair competition exists whenever commercial activity is achieved using procedures that are contrary to commercial use.

The processes that characterize unfair competition are numerous. These facts, contrary to law and fair practices, can be grouped into misdemeanor, infraction of regulations and/or torts.

The facts nominated by the legal provisions as acts of unfair competition are those provided by art. 4 and art. 5 of Law 11/1991, as amended and supplemented.

Competition illicit is considered the situation where the desire to quickly penetrate or earn a market share as big as possible, a company bring direct prejudice, most often, intentionally to the competitors activity, resorting to illegal practices: defamation (circulation of inaccurate or false information about their work), competition "parasitic" (obtaining benefits due to confusion created between the marks, etc.), unlawful competition, tax fraud (violation of tax law, which allows for lower costs and the possibility of practicing prices low), dumping, "deterring" customers, etc.

Thus, our society works for our clients in order to protect their trademarks through the closure of non-infrigement agreements regarding the European trademark Law, and drafting and sending cease and desists letters regarding the termination of illicit activity.